Saturday, 12 October 2013

Autumn/Fall Must Haves Day 2

Hi, thanks for reading this blog post this is day two of my autumn/fall must haves.
So today's must have isn't a specific item, it is a pattern/print
 Yes i know when you think of tartan you think of kilts< however this print is bang on trend and many stores, celebrities and magazines have been loving tartan (such as vogue)and why you ask?, because it looks amazing!

Style Choice i love the tartan coats fashion stores have recently been bringing out especially those with a faux fur collar and/or leather sleeves. these jackets look amazing you wont need that many accessories as the jacket has so many textures and features to it so it wont matter. These jackets will go so well with leather trousers giving a bit of a punk/70s look.
A Tartan skirt would look amazing with a over sized jumper with tights, chunky ankle boots and a leather jacket. 

However do not over do this look otherwise it will look terrible if you wear tartan try and only wear one item with this print.

Thanks for reading & Hope this helps x


  1. Nice post! And great blog! I am quite obsessed with tartan lately, actually my latest post includes a tartan piece!! hehe.. Hope we can follow each other!
    Keep the good work!♥

    1. Thank you! Your the first person to respond to my blog, im so happy XD checked out your blog defo going to follow!
      Thanks again <3