Thursday, 10 October 2013

Autumn/Fall Must Haves Day 1

Ok so the weathers changing, well at least where i live and its getting colder (yay) so as the weather conditions change so does your wardrobe. This week i am going to tell you what items i think are the best for the changing weather these items can be build able for the colder days in winter and some can even be worn all year round.
So my first item i believe you can wear all year round depending on where your going.
The Faux Fur Collar

i absolutely love this item as it is an amazing accessory and can also keep you warm. this item can be worn with a thick jacket cardigan or even a LBD. Its a very versatile accessory and can give of a vintage look.

My Style Choice 
Casual I would wear this item with disco pants or high waisted trousers (one button) with either a slouch jumper and a leather jacket or with a plain tee and a oversized checked shirt.
Formal/Night Out I would wear this with a tight wrapped/cross over dress or a long fitted dress the faux fur gives the look an extra dimension and changes the overall look.
Thank you for reading this if you have any winter/fall must haves please comment below & follow my twitter @beautyvision101 ^_^

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