Monday, 11 November 2013


hey guys, so i haven't blogged in a while I'm so unreliable XD i apologise, i have just been having a hectic month planning my birthday, being ill, studying for a test that was cancelled -_-
               me(right) and my cousin(left) XD at the international slavery museum in Liverpool

But anyway on a positive note i went Liverpool for a couple of days and it was amazing (the people were so nice!) we went in the shopping centre and wow the stores were huge so there was a lot of variety , there was a market with fresh fruit & doughnuts mmmm & there was a Starbucks everywhere i looked, it was heaven! there were so many sales going on i just didn't know what to buy in the end these were my purchases

i absolutely love this outfit and it came up to £12 the top is from select and the trousers are from h&m.
i also recently done a photo shoot with Jenine mason and i cant wait to upload them showing my winter lookbook with

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Autumn/Fall Must Haves Day 3

Hi dolls, I'm sorry for being late with my posts I have had a hectic schedule but any way onto my autumn/fall must have day 3.
Today's must have is going to be a bit different its not a clothing item but a generalised lipstick.

The Richer Tones: Plum                               
As well as your wardrobe morphing into the season so should your make-up especially your lipsticks.
In this cold weather you need something to stand out and give off a sensual look i think darker shades of lipstick in this weather look amazing (and nudes).
Rich plum colours look amazing on the cold days especially when wearing dark clothes.
I would recommend soap and glory's pom pom as it suits most skin tones and has the most beautiful shade you can get this colour in a matte form however although this colour suits most shades it does look more pink on lighter shades.

Another lipstick I would recommend is maybelines colour sensational lipstick in rich plum.
I love this shade it looks lovely in the summer and if I want a deeper shade i use a lip liner before hand.                                                             

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Autumn/Fall Must Haves Day 2

Hi, thanks for reading this blog post this is day two of my autumn/fall must haves.
So today's must have isn't a specific item, it is a pattern/print
 Yes i know when you think of tartan you think of kilts< however this print is bang on trend and many stores, celebrities and magazines have been loving tartan (such as vogue)and why you ask?, because it looks amazing!

Style Choice i love the tartan coats fashion stores have recently been bringing out especially those with a faux fur collar and/or leather sleeves. these jackets look amazing you wont need that many accessories as the jacket has so many textures and features to it so it wont matter. These jackets will go so well with leather trousers giving a bit of a punk/70s look.
A Tartan skirt would look amazing with a over sized jumper with tights, chunky ankle boots and a leather jacket. 

However do not over do this look otherwise it will look terrible if you wear tartan try and only wear one item with this print.

Thanks for reading & Hope this helps x

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Autumn/Fall Must Haves Day 1

Ok so the weathers changing, well at least where i live and its getting colder (yay) so as the weather conditions change so does your wardrobe. This week i am going to tell you what items i think are the best for the changing weather these items can be build able for the colder days in winter and some can even be worn all year round.
So my first item i believe you can wear all year round depending on where your going.
The Faux Fur Collar

i absolutely love this item as it is an amazing accessory and can also keep you warm. this item can be worn with a thick jacket cardigan or even a LBD. Its a very versatile accessory and can give of a vintage look.

My Style Choice 
Casual I would wear this item with disco pants or high waisted trousers (one button) with either a slouch jumper and a leather jacket or with a plain tee and a oversized checked shirt.
Formal/Night Out I would wear this with a tight wrapped/cross over dress or a long fitted dress the faux fur gives the look an extra dimension and changes the overall look.
Thank you for reading this if you have any winter/fall must haves please comment below & follow my twitter @beautyvision101 ^_^

Friday, 4 October 2013

Sleek Contour Kit Review (medium)

I've always been a big fan of sleek as sleeks products are all very pigmented and is a very affordable brand. I purchased the sleek contour kit which comes in a nars like packaging it comes with 2 colours a contouring powder which you can get in 3 shades it also comes with a shimmery powder highlighter. I purchased the contour kit several months ago in the shade medium and i fell in love with it, it is very pigmented so you don't have to use too much product and its blendable which is perfect! the product is buildable for when you want a more defined look. The highlighter is amazing it makes your skin look radiant and healthy. This product cost £7 and is the best contouring kit i have ever used! i have barely made a dent let alone touch pan and i use this product everyday, i strongly recommend this product as it is amazing and it lasts forever.
I'm giving this product 5/5 as its simply amazing! hope this helps and feel free to comment about this product and/or any other reviews you would like.
Thanks x

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Rimmel Wake Me Up Review

i have recently purchased the rimmel wake me up foundation. many bloggers and youtubers have been raving about this foundation i was a bit sceptical about using this product as it has shimmer which I'm not a fan of as i have an oily t zone however i thought i should try it out and i understand why so many people love this foundation it gives amazing coverage and it gives of a radiant glow which is due to the shimmer i don't highlight when using this product as it already gives of that effect. it last 6+ hours maybe the odd touch up this foundation is not cakey and can be used on any skin type the only cons are in bright weather it does look slightly shimmery (if not wearing powder) and that they don't have my exact skin tone however i can never find my skin tone because i have an unknown shade XD i would rate this product 4-4.5/5


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